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This page was created to inform lawyers and others of matters that are very important to your business.  Many of the items listed here could save you thousands of dollars in overhead expense.

  1. Double Lined on Left and Numbered on Left 1-28 per page. Download in Word
  2. California Double lined left, single right, numbered 1-28 per page. Download in Word or Rich Text Format
  3. Double Line on Left and Single Line on Right. 2" Left Margin. Download in Word.
  4. Same as above except 1 1/2 inch margin on left. Download in Word
  5. Double Lined on Left. 2" Left Margin. Download in Word.
  6. Same as above except 1 1/2 inch Margin.Download in Word


Tired of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for letterhead paper. With the new power of word processors you can input your letterhead style into a template. No more feeding letterhead to the printer.  "My 3 lawyer firm saved over $5,000.00 per year.  To have your letterhead formatted for your word processor click HERE and submit a request. Sample 1 Sample 2


You can order computers and printers on-line and save money.  We recommend Dell for computers and HP for printers.

Databases and Wordprocessors

Whether you use Wordperfect or Microsoft Word, these programs and related programs can offer substantial time saving and overhead reduction techniques.  Here is an example:


Say you conduct foreclosures for various mortgage companies in large numbers. You can purchase an expensive software program and pay the price plus extra for support. Another method is to use a database program such as Microsoft Access.  Here's what we did.  We created one access table for our mortgage clients, one for each County in the State and one for debtor information.  We then created a form template in Word with all our forms and tied the Word file to the access tables. The result is a Word document that is automatically updated each time we change or add information to access.  This allows us to quickly prepare and print any form in the process and at the same time provide a status for each file with the touch of the button.  The best part is that the system is flexible and can be easily modified to suit our needs.  We also added a macro that allows us to quickly locate any form in the Word file and print any range of pages.  This system will save us thousands.