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The LegalLife™ Resource Center contains free information and resources to assist you in understanding and organizing legal aspects of your life. Your LegalLife™ is just as important as your health and finances. Use our check lists and planning tools to get your legal affairs in order today.

Personal Planning Package

Personal Planning Package

Includes your Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney and other forms...


People often think about their finances and health, but do not consider their "legal life™" until it is either too late or they have a legal problem. Accidents, natural disasters, emergencies, disputes and death can happen at any time. Hurricane Katrina underscored the difficulties that can arise when people lose all of their important legal documents. In an effort to assist, U.S. Legal Forms, Inc. released a free guide to creating a Life Documents File, as well as life documents Personal Planning Packages.

Since that time, Frank D. Edens, U.S. Legal Forms, Inc. CEO, has appeared on many radio talk shows to discuss the importance of being aware of the need to organize one's legal life. Newspaper Articles stressing the important of organizing your legal life also contain quotes from Mr. Edens. Radio talk show host Armstrong Williams recently asked Mr. Edens, "Why do people not take care of their legal matters?"

Mr. Edens' reply:

People care about their health and their finances and there are many businesses telling people to take care of these matters. On the other hand, people ignore legal matters and treat the need to see a lawyer as 'I have a problem so I have to see a lawyer'. They don't think I need to see an attorney to get my legal life in order. In fact, 70% of people die without a Will, a fact that illustrates people put off taking care of their legal affairs until it is too late. The Internet has helped this situation by providing a forum for companies like U.S. Legal Forms, Inc., as well as some innovative law firms to help educate people about their legal needs by providing them with easy access to legal information, products and services.

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