Legallife™ Guides and Handbooks

Legallife™ Guides and Handbooks provide valuable information for the public, as well as attorneys.  All guides and handbooks are available in Word format. Immediate download. Free previews.

Handbooks and Guides

1.  Real Estate - USLF offers a Real Estate Handbook for Sellers and Buyers.  LegalLife Real Estate Handbook

2.  Legallife Landlord-Tenant Handbook - This Handbook summarizes the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants, and is designed to be a helpful guide to both landlords and tenants. Information about rental applications, leases, security deposits, inventory checklists, repair responsibilities, rent increases, termination of leases, eviction notices and much more is included in 40+ pages of materials.

3.  Legallife Elder and Retirement Law Handbook - This Handbook provides an overview of federal laws affecting the elderly and retirement issues.

4.  Legallife Employment Law Handbook -This Handbook provides an overview of federal laws addressing employer-employee rights and obligations.

5.  Legallife Patent and Trademark Law Handbook - This Handbook provides an overview of federal patent and trademark law. Information discussed includes types of patents and trademarks, duration of registration, requirements for obtaining, a guide to the application process, protecting your patent or trademark, and much more in 18 pages of materials.

6.  Legallife Pet Law Handbook - This Handbook provides an overview of law concerning pets in the United States. Information discussed includes legal aspects of buying or otherwise obtaining pets, pets in rental dwellings, pet owner liability for pet conduct, caring and planing for your pet, and much more in 17 pages of materials

7.  Wills - A free law summary is available for your State.  To locate, click on Wills and then your State. Select Law Summary in the search results.

8.  Bankruptcy - The Bankruptcy Packages available contain detailed information and instructions about filing bankruptcy.

9.  Legallife Expungement Law Handbook - Expungement of a criminal record is often important.  Read this guide before you begin the process.

10.  LegallifeDriving Hardship License Handbook - Many people need to obtain a hardship license to drive after their license has been suspended.  This handbook tells you all about a hardship license.

11.  LegallifeEstate Planning and End of Life Issues Guide - This Guide provides an overview of the legal documents that are useful and necessary for addressing estate planning and end of life events.

12.  LegallifeSurvivor's Guide to a Death in the Family - This Guide provides an overview for coping with the death of a spouse or family member.

13.  Law Enforcement Handbook - Speeding Guide
Law Enforcement Handbook - DUI Guide - These handbooks can be used for information regarding speed violation tickets and DUI violations. See more on the Police Guides page

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