Landlord Tenant Month to Month Lease Definition

A month-to-month lease is a rental agreement for a one-month period that is renewed automatically each month for another month until properly terminated by either party. To terminate a month-to-month lease, state laws, which vary by state, may require a tenant to give written notice to the landlord of his/her intent to terminate at least a certain number of days before the last day of the rental month (the month for which the tenant has paid or should have paid rent). It may be acceptable to require a longer period of time for notice to terminate as long as this time period is written in the lease. Often landlords require 30 days' notice. Failure to provide the proper written notice by the tenant obligates the tenant to another month's tenancy.

A landlord wishing to terminate a month-to-month lease are often required to give written notice of termination at least a certain number of days days before the end of the rental month (the month for which rent has been paid or should have been paid). State laws, which vary by state, define when and how notice must be given. For example, local laws may provide that this notice may be served by delivering a copy to the tenant or to another person occupying the premises, by leaving a copy with a member of the tenant's family above 15 years of age residing on or in charge of the premises, or by posting a copy of the notice in a conspicuous place on the premises. Local laws should be consulted for specific requirements in your area.

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