Landlord Tenant Change in Rent Definition

Local laws, which vary by jurisdiction, define the requirements for a landlord to impose a change in rent, such as when and how to provide notice to tenants. Public property rent changes often require approval. For example, the following is a local statute involving rent changes for property receiving public funding:

"Owners requesting a rent adjustment in Total Contact Rent must issue a 60-days notice of the proposed change in rent to the tenant and submit a copy of the notice to the Housing Authority.  Based on HUD requirements of rent reasonableness, the Housing Authority will review the proposed request and determine if an adjustment can be approved.  If the proposed rent increase does not meet rent reasonableness standards, the Housing Authority may deny the request for increase and/or propose a reduction in the rent.  Approved rents must be reasonable in comparison to rents of other comparable unassisted units in the market."

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