Demolition Definition

State statutes, which vary by state, may authorize any incorporated municipality of the state may, after giving notice, to move or demolish buildings and structures, or parts of buildings and structures, party walls, and foundations when found by the governing body of the municipality to be unsafe to the extent of being a public nuisance from any cause. 

Within the time specified in the notice, any person, firm, or corporation having an interest in the building or structure may usually file a request for a hearing before the governing body of the municipality, together with his or her objections to the finding by the municipal official that the building or structure is unsafe to the extent of becoming a public nuisance.

The municipality or governing body may determine the costs which it finds were reasonably incurred in the demolition and assess the costs against the property. The proceeds of any moneys received from the sale of salvaged materials from the building or structure are normally applied against the cost of demolition.

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