Important Search Notes

These tips help in the use of the search engine to get better search results.

  • 1. First, try the form listings under Special Areas to see if the subject matter of the form you need is listed. This may be easier than using the search feature.
  • 2. More forms are indexed in the search than are listed in the form listings. Give the search a try if you do not see the subject matter of what you need listed in the Special Areas.
  • 3. Do not use the word "form" in your search.
  • 4. Do not use a state name in your search of form titles.
  • 5. Do not use and/or connectors.
  • 6. Need help? Use our Help Before you Order request and we will locate the form for you.

Additional Search Help

General - The Search function allows you to use one word or a combination of words. Do not use connectors. Do not use quotes. Terms found are highlighted in green. If you do not know the full name of what you are looking for use the first 4 letters.

deed trust
competition agreement
name change

US Forms - Forms with US- at the beginning of the control number are general forms for all states. Most are business forms. However, some litigation forms are also placed into the US- category as samples. Many attorneys use samples from other states for various matters, especially Complaint forms.

State Forms - All special state forms have the state abbreviation at the beginning of each form. i.e. AL-00101 for Alabama.

Select State - The search feature allows you to limit the search be limiting it to a particular state. It is recommended that you search all forms first and then if a large list of hits is generated limit the search.

Select title, category or form number - We call these "fields". You may also limit the search to form title, form category or form number. The title search is the most popular. The category search is very useful, however, because it provides a list of all forms under the particular category. After selecting category you may further limit the search if you receive a large result to category AND state. You may also use the form number if you know it to retrieve forms. This will become more useful in the near future when a catalog of all forms will be available for downloading and use off-line.

See all forms under this category link located at the bottom of each category group of forms is a link entitled, "see all forms under [category name] with [selection limitation]". This link allows you to see a list of all forms under a particular category and is especially useful to see all forms that may be applicable to a particular matter. Again the limit of state option is also available.

Quick Search - A quick search link is provided on the search results page which shows the terms you searched within the limitation parameters. This allows you to limit your search further by adding words or to perform a new search at that location. You must, however, return to the main search page to change the state or field to be searched.

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