Satisfaction Guarantee - Move In Satisfaction Guarantee Form

If you order a form from U.S. Legal Forms, Inc. and for any reason are not satisfied, simply return the form to us within 24 hours from the time of your order and receive a full refund of the purchase price. If the form was mailed, simply return it within 4 days of receipt of the form and you will receive a full refund, less printing costs. No Hassles!!!! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Why do people use U.S. Legal Forms, Inc. for their legal form needs:

  • All forms are drafted by attorneys or are officially approved forms.
  • Attorneys own and operate the Company.
  • Many attorneys use the site for their own form needs.
  • No other site on the Internet offers a comparable product.
  • Free previews are provided for most forms before you purchase.
  • One of the best customer service departments online.

What do people say?

"Thank you for your efforts to assist me. Unfortunately, I think I am so very lost in the area of Leases that I don't even know what to ask for! I have made an appointment with a lawyer that will be able to ask me the right questions and get it done right. Thank you for crediting my VISA without requiring me to make a big deal about it. That was a very classy and refreshing policy you exercised. Such honest and forthright business practices are very rare these days. I will show my appreciation at every opportunity by using your services as much as possible and I will refer all my associates and friends to your fine site too."

"You have an excellent service and I will be sure to pass the word."

"Thank you for your prompt attention.  I certainly wish to congratulate you and your colleagues for outstanding customer service."

"Thank you for your prompt reply. I believe you are offering a valuable service and will be using it again, as well as letting others know about it."

"Thank you for your expediting the subject form.  I appreciate your efforts and outstanding customer service very much."

"This was the "slickest" way to order and immediately receive a form I've ever experienced.Thanks so much!"

"Thank you for your courtesy.  You can be sure that with such super customer service, I will be purchasing from your company again, and will recommend you to other attorneys as well."

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