Lease Renewal Agreements

Lease Renewal Agreement FAQ

What is a lease renewal agreement? A lease renewal agreement is simply a written agreement to renew an about-to-expire lease for an additional period or periods. The form indicates the property upon which the lease is to be renewed, the names of the landlord and tenant, the renewal price (which is subject to being changed when the lease is renewed) and any other changes to the original lease agreement.

Why is a lease renewal agreement important? In most states, if a lease is not renewed in writing, it lapses into a month-to-month tenancy situation. This may be undesirable for either the landlord or the tenant. Some leases require a written renewal or the lease terminates. In this case it is essential for the tenant to get a written renewal from the landlord. The landlord may want to change rules or effect a rental increase, but cannot until the current lease expires. The renewal of the lease is the opportunity for making desired changes in the lease agreement.