Marriage Name Change

The Official Marriage Name Change Kit is an extensive package containing name change forms and instructions for notifying government agencies and others of a name change. Forms and instructions are included for Passport, Social Security Card, Voter Registration, Employer, Banks, other Financial Institutions, etc.

Marriage Name Change Kit

The Official New Bride Name Change Kit is an easy to use and efficient way for all new brides to handle all name changes to important documents. The kit contains everything you will need to change your name. 

The New Bride Name Change Kit contains:

  • Six Step Instruction Guide 
  • Checklist
  • All forms needed to change records for Social Security, IRS, Drivers License, Vehicle Title, Voter Registration, U.S. Passport, Bank Records, Credit Cards, Medical Records, Insurance, Employment, and More!

Please remember that in order to change your name you must have your marriage certificate and you can only start the name change process after you have received your certificate of marriage.

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